Waking up with a mindset with Gratitude may not be natural for everyone, however, if you can find time to practice giving gratitude I will show you a few benefits that will come your way. If you’re more of a morning person, then you might come to be awake a little faster than those that are night owls. After you gain some awareness it’s important to practice some level of gratitude. The bottom floor as you put your feet to the carpet or tile, you can essentially give thanks.

I have some aches and pains that have developed over the years and it’s hard to get this freight train moving, but once the juices are flowing, I schedule time to give gratitude through thanks and special affirmations. My life has not always been at the top of the roller coaster and when I’ve had the deep lows in life I remember starting with giving gratitude toward having clean water to brush my teeth with. Do you know how many people in the world have this?

I truly believe that practicing gratitude affirmations is the most powerful self-development exercises one can do. As I focus on Emotional Intelligence, I find that everyone struggles with negative emotions. Having and practicing throughout your day can reinforce positive emotions. There is science involved here as well because it can change the brain chemicals from selfish to selfless. In just a few moments you can shift your mood and emotions to more positive and joyful intentions.

So if you’re getting the drift that this is healthy and will help you with your mindset, you are correct. Building time throughout your day to practice and take time to just pause and say wow this is a gratitude moment, I think you’ll find a sense of energy and long term health mental health benefit by decreasing the built up stress and easing any inflammation.

So how does one practice gratitude? Let’s start small by giving thanks for the small things that are around us in the morning. Then take it to another level by incorporating a thankful mindset to our relationships. Set aside time during your work schedule to just pause and being grateful for something that is at your desk or co-worker or even your boss. That’s stepping it up a notch. Bring it home with family, faith and friendships.

Gratitude is powerful, so are you.


PS I’m thankful for those who have read this.

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