Decision making whether important or small can be broken down into a few simple steps. First off, you’d have to find out if this is an important decision or just a small decision. If it’s an important decision, then having the awareness and understanding that this decision is truly important will carry more emphasis. If it’s a bigger decision then you’re going to want to tap your conscious and unconscious mindset.

How do we tap the unconscious mindset? Well that leads into step 2 of using your resources. Utilizing your resources that you have in market will help you enhance and tap into that unconscious mindset. Finding the right resources and seeking out the right mentors for this task. Don’t just look to anyone for advice, you’re going to want to look for the people who have the best interests in mind. Important to note that not everyone has the best intentions for you in your life. Some people and it’s unfortunate to say, may want to set you up for failure. This is a key element in evaluating of what to do for any big decision. The right resources seek the best for you, they know you and ultimately will give you the right tools to tap deep into your unconscious and find out what ideas you may not be thinking about. They may say the right word or ask the right question which ultimately sets off a chain reaction of light bulbs that go off and now you can see a little better into the situation. Essentially this is a part of teamwork to get the job done, only it’s your life and you are the one having the greatest impact.

Finally, after you’ve understood what level of decision this is and utilizing the most appropriate resources, you’re going to want to look inward to yourself. Finding the time to look inside and tell yourself through your own self talk which road to take or which path to follow. Ask yourself did I use the right resources? More importantly evaluate whether this decision is going to help me to grow. Growth as an individual is huge and dedicating yourself to growth is important. So having look inward to finding out if this decision will help me grow to be a better person is a key element.

Understand, Use your right resources, follow your intuition and you’ll be all right!


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