Keys to Humility

What does it mean to you when you hear the words “being humble”? The things that pop in my head are the teachers and mentors that I’ve had that display humility in their approach with people. Those teachers and mentors just have a way with people. Their approach to key situations seems to be spot on with quiet confidence. Most times they remain calm under pressure and just plain over-deliver when it counts most. They over-deliver in the amount of help they hand out but defer all the credit to other people.

People that are humble have worked on their approach. Pilots know that the most critical part of a landing relies on a stable approach. Golfers know that the success of their game relies on their approach to the green. Lawyers know that how they approach the jury may impact the outcome of the case. Approaching means getting ready and taking the critical steps in one’s own journey of achievement. The right approach can set the stage for most things we accomplish in our lives. How is your approach today?

How can we adjust our approach to remaining humble? I think the best way we can remain humble is to have a teachable spirit. People that have a teachable spirit approach each day and opportunity with open arms. They know they are going to learn something new today and crave the opportunities. Humble people remain teachable because they know they aren’t the expert and approach with an attitude that “I can learn something from you today!”

Teachable people also have a positive attitude and tend to look at things with a glass half-full mindset. They acknowledge they aren’t the expert on all things and rarely go negative on their approach to life.

So, as we begin or continue our journey of greater humility, we can focus on asking key questions.

  1. When I learn something, do I benefit?
  2. Do I have something new to learn today?
  3. Does this person have something to teach me?

When we ask these questions in our approach with a positive mindset, we can cultivate greater humility!


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