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e are experts on emotional intelligence. We are two individuals with a passion for helping others and a belief that the best way to change the world is to work on ourselves first.

How does a pilot and technology leader come together to form an Emotional Intelligence business?

While at working at the Airlines, our paths crossed multiple times even though we worked in completely different departments. I was part of an Adopt-A-Pilot volunteer program that teaches 5th grade students about STEM related subjects and aviation careers. I brought in Sheryl as a Senior Technology Leader to teach kids about technology related careers and the latest advancements. We also had opportunities to bring our cross departmental teams together for fun activities which even involved flying a full motion simulator. Fast forward a few years later, and we were both working on leadership and growth initiatives. We decided to team up and create a business that combined our Emotional Intelligence knowledge, leadership experience and passion for helping others.

Meet The Team

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” – Aristotle


Sheryl Chacko


Peter Breen

Peter built a unique skillset in mentoring, instruction, and leadership, identifying emotional intelligence as the key component in helping leaders realize their potential, build more effective teams, and increase their revenue and industry impact.

Peter’s passion for aviation led him to a career as a pilot, after earning degrees in aviation flight and management at Southern Illinois University. As a pilot, teacher, and mentor at Southwest Airlines, Peter gained a passion for leadership coaching and learned how emotional intelligence can be used in every situation to strengthen communication and develop confidence.  Peter served as a highly trained member for Critical Incident Stress Management – a program that mentors pilots through hardships and help pilots access emotional intelligence to communicate effectively.


  • Certified A Deeper Way (ADW) Facilitator
  • John Maxwell Team Member

Originally from a small-town northwest of Chicago, Peter credits his work ethic to a childhood that included working on a dairy farm, running on the cross-country team, and playing outdoor hockey and baseball. He learned at a young age that strength, discipline, and perseverance yield results. Peter currently resides in Dallas, Texas with his wife and two children.

Sheryl Chacko

Sheryl is an accomplished technology and change leadership expert with a proven ability to develop and implement successful transformational programs that support business and financial objectives.  Sheryl comes to Emotional Communication most recently from where she served as Technology Senior Manager, and Chief of Staff to the Vice President of Technology.  Sheryl spent more than 15 years as a management consultant serving several Fortune 500 companies in diverse industries such as travel, healthcare, energy and financial services.

Sheryl’s passion for leadership coaching began in 2000 when she graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and joined the Accenture change management practice. In helping organizations undergo mergers and acquisitions and large-scale technology implementations, Sheryl recognized that the greatest organizational leaders had a secret weapon: emotional intelligence and the gift of knowing how to communicate. She started cultivating these skill sets in herself and the teams she built, and it has been key to her own success.

Sheryl’s greatest achievements have been watching her mentees achieve their professional goals. Sheryl uses her leadership coaching skills, her growth mindset and her heart for service to impact business leaders.​


  • Certified A Deeper Way (ADW) Facilitator
  • Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Prosci Certified Change Practitioner

Sheryl lives in Dallas, TX, with her husband and three children. They love to travel as a family and have a goal to visit every continent within the next five years. Sheryl enjoys volunteering, reading and yoga.

From Our Founder

I was a pilot for many years before I transitioned into a leadership role in my career journey. As I began to work with various department leaders, there were noticeable differences in leaders’ approaches to leading staff and their effectiveness. I wondered How are some leaders so successful in leading people and others are not?

I began reading books on leadership and through my observations, I recognized that the outstanding leaders, the leaders people looked up to, the leaders with influence, the leaders that built relationships all possessed differing levels of strength in their Emotional Intelligence.

I became fascinated with Emotional Intelligence and I began to integrate the teachings from my research into my work as an Instructor and Critical Incident Stress Response Team (CIRT) member. I learned that these skills could be improved upon as long as the individual has a desire and willingness to grow and improve. As a result, I started seeing improvements, my family saw improvements, my team members saw improvements and my mentor guided me with my emotional intelligence application.

I decided to promote Emotional Intelligence tools to help people in their personal lives and business careers. Many studies in recent years have shown that improving our Emotional Intelligence is key to increasing performance development. I founded Emotional Communication with Emotional Intelligence as the overarching umbrella to help people further their goals. I solve the problem of ineffectiveness. The company name infers that Emotional Intelligence leads to awareness and we then improve communication to be effective.

I’m looking forward to jumping on this journey with you, should you have the desire to improve your Emotional Communication!

Every individual and organization must develop Emotional Intelligence to make more intentional and thoughtful decisions.


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Receive newsletters and upcoming class notifications.

We won’t share any of your information – promise!